C2W3 Assignment: Min/Max values to use for scaling

There is a group of features defined as SCALE_MINMAX_FEATURE_KEYS for which we are asked to scale using the scale_by_min_max but I don’t see instructions for which min/max values to use.

I’m assuming we are not to use min=0 and max=1 because otherwise these would have been combined to the other group that’s using scale_to_0_1

Can a TA please provide values to use?

When you use the scale_by_min_max function for a data column as suggested there, there is no need to provide min and max values, the function will find those and scale accordingly.


We are concerned about outputs here. Both scale_by_min_max and scale_to_0_1 will produce the same output range when you don’t explicity specify min and max to scale_by_min_max. Please see this for the default arguments.

@tigran Thanks for pointing this. The staff have been notified. For now, please don’t specify min and max and let the function defaults kick in.

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