C2W3 Exercise 6 what is Cover_Type data type in new_schema

I could not get exercise 8 result to show Cover_Type as Categorical features (mine is still Int), so i’m troubleshooting previous exercise. Am I get the right result after exercise 6, before exercise 7?

Hi Jimmy! That looks correct. For exercise 8, remember to use the ImporterNode output as your schema. You can also ignore the note in the markdown for that exercise that mentions stats_options. That is no longer needed and has been removed for exercise 8.

The schema visualization will look the same as shown in your screenshot but the statistics visualization will show that Cover Type is now under Categorical Features. You can use the ungraded lab on Iterative Schema to review how to import and use the new schema for StatisticsGen. Hope this helps!

Hi Chris, thank you for your help! okay now i try using
as you suggested in exercise 8, but from the exercise check result it still shows Cover Type as Numerical Features :frowning: any clue how possible i could get wrong in between 6 (which is confirmed to be right) and 8? exercise 7 is straighforward one from the lab, i just need to update the directory compared with lab code right?

many thanks for your advice!

Hi! Please check if you passed in a parameter to set the Cover_Type feature as categorical. That should be in Exercise 5.

thank you Chris! I got it right now :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Awesome! Glad it worked!