C2W3 Python Version Error

Submission gives 0 points with error
PythonDeprecationWarning: Boto3 will no longer support Python 3.7 starting December 13, 2023. To continue receiving service updates, bug fixes, and security updates please upgrade to Python 3.8 or later.
Any idea?

Why nobody answers? We have problems. Please help.

Facing same issue in CW1 Lab

I’m not a mentor for this course. But I will give you some background on how the forum operates.

The forum mentors are community volunteers. We monitor the forums as time allows, taken from our daily lives. We’re not on-duty 24 hours a day.

Course staff may also monitor the forums, but usually that’s only during regular business hours.

If a course mentor finds a thread where they do not know the answer, they will usually notify the course staff. If this happens on a weekend, there may be a delay in getting a response.


You can change the kernel in the top right corner. I changed the image to Data Science 3.0. Then after you import all the packages, upgrade boto in aa new cell
!pip install --upgrade boto3

Never mind, it will still fail all the tests. I guess the testing functions also rely on python 3.7 :frowning:

The course staff has been notified about the deprecation warning.

There is no estimate for when this might be addressed. There are several other forum threads about this same topic.

@Khawar_Ali1 @Kanan_Sehat @bsb41 @Ginger_de_Ridder The issue seem to be solved both for C2W2 and C2W3. I have some error with C2W2 during executing bellow code in one of cells but after restart of kernel and 2nd try all went well together will grading.