Lab 1 error

i have this error
Test 2 failed: PythonDeprecationWarning: Boto3 will no longer support Python 3.7 starting December 13, 2023. To continue receiving service updates, bug fixes, and security updates please upgrade to Python 3.8 or later. More information can be found here: Python support policy updates for AWS SDKs and Tools | AWS Developer Tools Blog warnings.warn(warning, PythonDeprecationWarning) 1 Please try again.

Facing the same problem

I’m facing the same problem. Can’t pass the lab :smiling_face_with_tear:

The issue has been reported to the course staff.

Other students (and other threads) have reported the same issue.

There is no estimated time to fix.

Should we stop submitting assignments till you guys notify us of the fix. So that we dont waste our lab credits.
And how will we know when this is going to be fixed.

Sorry, I do not have any updates on this issue.