C2W4 Multi-classifier: Getting Error While Trying to Read the CSV File

This is actually from week 4 course 2 of deep learning specialization on TF developer certification.
I am getting error as below :

ValueError: listdir: embedded null character in path

[ code snippet removed by mentor ]

This assignment is bit different from other assignments as here, images are not provided instead, the csv file was provided and am not sure how to read this csv file into train datagenerator. But, I have passed all the graders/check given so far in this assigment.

Not sure, what this error is about.

ImageDataGenerator have different methods to fit the model. You can use flow_from_directory, when your images are stored in a folder, flow_from_dataframe, when your data is stored in a pandas dataframe, or flow, if you have data and labels arrays.

In this assignment, CSV files contains images and categories. First we read the data from those files and create two arrays, one containing the image and the other its category. So, when you put the data to fit the model, you should use the flow method from the ImageDataGenerator, as this is the type of data you are going to provide.

Hope it helps