Getting error in Week 4 of course 2 in Tensorflow developer certification specilization

This is actually from week 4 course 2 of deep learning specialization on TF developer certification.
I am getting error as below :

ValueError: listdir: embedded null character in path

[ code snippet removed by mentor ]

This assignment is bit different from other assignments as here, images are not provided instead, the csv file was provided and am not sure how to read this csv file into train datagenerator. But, I have passed all the graders/check given so far in this assigment.

Not sure, what this error is about.

Hi @Rishikesh_F,

This discussion room is for TensorFlow: Data and Deployment Specialization. I will move your post to the TF Developer Professional Certification so that you can get the accurate help for the problem.

Once there, feel free to browse in past discussions to see what your fellows are experiencing.

Hi @Rishikesh_F , @Jean_de
I still see the post in the TF2 threads (not sure what happened) - I just updated the post to put TF1 / Course 2 / Week 4
For the issue itself, the error is a python error indicating that something goes wrong with the parameter given to listdir() command.
A good first step for you to understand the source of the problem is to print that parameter to your console. From there you can try to fix the problem say out of the entire code until this listdir() returns something good instead of the error.
Also once you know what value causes the error, you may use your favorite search engine to check for similar errors (there are many hints, but once you have an idea of what value causes the problem, you’ll be able to filter what fits your need).
Hope this helps :slight_smile: - Philippe

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Hi, thank you for doing that.

it seems that he posted two issues. The first is this one that I moved to TF 1. And the another one seems different, but it was resolved too.

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