C3_W1_Anomaly_Detection AssertionError: Wrong shape for mu. Expected: (3,) got: (2,)

When i run this code, it throws a Wrong shape for mu. Expected: (3,) got: (2,)

mu = X_train.mean(axis=0)
var = (X_train.std(axis=0))**2

I am quite confused because X_train is a 2D array so i dont get it why the shape should be 3 instead of 2.
Could anyone help to explain why there is that shape error?
Thank you for your time!

HI @pcarhuaching

when you implement this function you choose only the X_train (X_train.mean(axis=0)) but in function we send to the function parameter called X so yo convert all X_train in your code of function estimate_gaussian to X which is send you as parameter of function to make your code run generally on any test cases

please feel free to ask any questions,

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Hello @pcarhuaching,

1D, 2D, and 3D arrays should have shapes of (m, ), (m, n), (m, n, k) respectively. A 2D array has 2 axes, and so there are 2 numbers in its shape.

Please try to supply a simple 2D array of shape (2, 4) to your function and see if it works on your created array and gives you back arrays of shape (4, ).