C3_W1_Assignment 1_Missing Practice lab

In my learner portal there is no practice lab. The 1st lab is the programming assignment.
Is that supposed to be that way? Prof. Andrew Ng mentioned practice labs in the lecture videos but they seem to be missing from my portal!
Is there an error?

C3 W1 has no optional labs.

The programming assignments are sometimes called “practice labs”. Andrew’s terminology isn’t always consistent.

In C3 W1, the “practice lab” is the programming assignment. There are two in Week 1.

There are two practice lab, first one is k-means and second practice lab is Anomaly Detection but these practice lab is also gradable.

For each problem in notebook, you will get enough help (by clicking on Click for hints).

Please let me know if you still have questions.

Okay, understood. Thank you.

Yes the assignment itself is doable. I thought my portal was missing optional practice labs which used to be there before the assignments in previous two courses. Thank you for offering help.