C3_W1_Assignment grader eror

I face an error when grading assignment of week 2. Here’s a snapshot

It says invalid syntax error, but there’s no syntax error in notebook and I can execute it without any problem. And how can I find line 353?

to check a specific line in coursera Jupyter notebook, click Edit ==> Edit Notebook Metadata, which will give you specific lines related to your file, or check the file section.

How I check the line 353 for the assignment you are mentioning it is related to
“# Test your function\n”,

So check your codes related to inverse_cdf_gaussian. but I feel this could be more related to uniform generator too. Just a heads up.

Let me know once your issue is resolved.


Thanks @Deepti_Prasad , when I click on Edit ==> Edit Notebook Metadata, I don’t see an option to get the lines number. It just opens the json file below.

I still can’t underestand which line is associalted to 353…

I checked both inverse_cdf_gaussian and uniform generator several times. They are correct. They generate the correct outputs too…


Can you share screenshot of the two codes cells for uniform generator and inverse_cdf. Do not send notebook, rather send a screenshot, that would help us understand where is the syntax error. Please send this screenshots via personal DM. Click on my name and then message. Do not post any codes here.


the inverse cdf, codes seems to require correction. but in case it still is giving the syntax error. I would suggestion to get a fresh copy and re do the assignment. Chances are there could have metadata error while in markdown unknowingly and the best resolution would be to re-do the assignment with a fresh copy. Just make sure you save copy of the the assignment you did now, so you can refer it.