C3W1 Grading Error: notebook runs without any problem but not getting graded

There was a problem compiling the code from your notebook. Details: invalid syntax (, line 55)

getting this error everytime i submit only for C3W1 tried everything checked the program twice no mistakes nothing as far as ik. Help please

Getting output when i run the notebook but book not getting graded and the above is the report for not getting graded

Have you tried refreshing the workspace?

Hey. Can you help to resolve my issue? /notebooks/C3_W1_Assignment.ipynb no code for grading - Probability & Statistics for Machine Learning &… / Week 1 Probability & Statistics for ML & Data S… - DeepLearning.AI

Mentors don’t have access to your coursera environment. Please click my name and message your notebook as an attachment.

Hi. Thank you but I think I do not need a mentor. I need a developer to fix a bug! Where can I write here to find a developer? Nobody tries to help me from the Coursera team. In couple of days I will stop my subscription.

Sorry to hear about your frustration. Unfortunately, you’ve messaged the wrong topic since Tensorflow Developer Professional is not the same specialization as Math for Machine Learning.
As Paul mentioned, please contact a mentor for the correct specialization. If a mentor can’t help you with the issue, they’ll get the staff involved. The staff will work with coursera to help you out and improve the assignment when possible.

Good luck

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