Coursera would not grade my submission despite not changing any parameters C2W1

Description: After I submitted the assignment, I cannot get proper grades as the grader says that I have syntax errors in the code, preventing the grader from grading the assignment. I don’t know where it went wrong, but I haven’t changed any of the code that I’m not supposed to.

Any help is appreciated!


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Either share the screenshot of your grader submission where it give details about why you failed grader and where you could find, or open your assignment and check each line of code if you notice anywhere syntax error.

Syntax error could be anything related to misspelt codes, comma or indentation error, use of incorrect symbols.

Otherwise the last resort would be to get fresh copy, re-write your codes and check if you are getting any syntax error while running the cells which grade your assignment submission.



was your issue resolved? @roses_are_red