C3_W1_Assignment is not grading

Hello everyone, I’m having some trouble in this assignment, I’ve noticed that it does not have the unnitest verifier cell, is that normal?
Everytime I submit I receive a 0/10 but to me there are some cells that look the same as the expected output.
Can anyone give me some light on that subject? Tks

I have the same problem. All exercises get graded with 0/10. The error message says np (from “import numpy as np”) was not defined. This seems unreasonable, since I can execute all cells without any errors.

Please post a screen capture image that shows what you’re referring to. I don’t recognize “unnitest verifier” as being used in any of the notebooks, so I think I’m confused.

Note that even if your code passes all of the tests in the notebook, that’s no guarantee it will also pass the grader. This is because the grader uses completely different test cases. So your code may still have defects.

The grader will give you feedback as to what problems it found. Please post a screen capture image of the grader feedback.


I think you may have a different issue. Here is a procedure to find the metadata associated with each cell.

Go to the notebook “View” menu, then select “Cell Toolbar” and then “Edit Metadata”.

Then select the first cell in the notebook, and click on the 'Edit Metadata" button (as shown here):

You’ll get a text box that shows the metadata. Please post a screen capture image of that text box.
If all is well, it should look like this:

Hello @TMosh , I’m sorry, I’ll try to be more clear. Here I have an example off a verifier cell that is present in all other assingments , but not in this one

Now, I’ll try to show you some answers off mine in tnis assingment that at least seem to be right

As you can see, my output matches exactly the same as the expected one in the first 2 exercices, so my guess is that I should not receive a 0/100.
I’m sorry if I wrote anything wrong, I’m brasilian and didn’t use a corrector.

If you need anything else, I’ll be glad to show you.


Not all of the assignments have additional unit tests.

Please post a screen capture image that shows your grader feedback.

Me too. I’ve been stuck here for a month. I’ve tried everything and can’t find a solution.

@Li_Yanbo, please click on the ‘>’ next to the grader’s “uniform_generator”, and it will display why you got 1/10 points. That’s the “grader feedback”.

Please post back a screen capture image of that.

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I see, sorry I didn’t understand at first what you meant,
problem task

I’ve also looked in all other grades and the problem seems to be the same for all

Can you scroll to the right and show the entire block of text? Maybe a text copy-and-paste would be useful here.

sure, her’s what it says:

There was a problem compiling the code from your notebook. Details:

Does your code in “uniform_generator()” use the variable “breed_0”?

Please check your personal messages for instructions.

How can I see that?

@Hoelzz: Typically you’d use your browser’s Search tool and look for the text string “breed_1”.

When I looked at your notebook, you had asserts for the “predict_breed()” function.

If you submit a notebook that has any assert errors anywhere, the grader will crash.

every exercises show the same like this, i read the optional courses and followed the instructions that file-> open → rename, delete and then click “get the latest version” mutiple times, but useless, i still getting 0 grade

@Hoelzz: In this case, the issue is that where you have ‘breed_0’ in quotes as a text string, what the function prob_of_X_given_C(…) requires is actually an integer (0, 1, or 2).

This is an error in the notebook, I’ll submit a ticket to have it fixed.

@Li_Yanbo, you need to update your notebook to the current version.

Use the procedure in the FAQ.

Follow the procedure in the FAQ exactly. It is known to work.

So, just to see if I understood, there is a problem in my notebook, right? and I’ll have to wait for it to be fixed?

Yes, and the problem is your code doesn’t work correctly. You should fix it now.

You don’t need to wait for anything to be fixed in the notebook. I’m just going to request that the docstring for that function parameter be changed from “str” to “int”.