C3_W1 Assignment Question

Hi All,

So I was doing the C3_W1 assignment for the course AI for Medical Treatment. I was about halfway done when for some reason Coursera lost all of my progress and my assignment reverted to what it was before I started.

It was frustrating but I remembered most of my answers so it wasn’t a big deal. But now when I type in the exact same code, I get tests failed. For example for UNQ_C1 I am 100% certain I typed in the exact same answer as I did before, but now it says:

Error: Data-type mismatch.
4 Tests passed
1 Tests failed

This wasn’t the case before with the same code when I passed all tests. My output is the same as the example, but there’s some hidden test I am failing. I decided to try UNQ_C2 and the same thing happened.

I was just wondering if there was a change in the assignment in the past couple of days? This is really weird.


Hi @Valeyord,

On the assignment page, the learners were left with couple of notes, asking to frequently download the notebooks so that when the update happens they will have a copy of their progress.

As for you answers, the assignments and the auto graders were updated because not all learner mistakes were being captured by only matching the “expected outputs”. Earlier, when matching the expected outputs, it doesn’t necessarily means your solution was correct.

I’m happy to help you with this. Let me direct message you regarding this.


Hi @Valeyord,

For both of your exercises, Ex 1 and Ex 2, your output type is float, but the expected output type is numpy float 64.

Hope this helps,