C3_W1_Assignment - Tests passed but still failed?

For the prob_X_given_C exercise, I am getting an error:

However, when I run my code, all my test passed and matched the expected value. Any help would be appreciated!

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Typically this means that somewhere in your notebook, you have left a “None” statement that needs to be replaced with the correct code.

It isn’t necessarily in that function - any None found anywhere in the notebook will cause all of the functions to fail the grader with that same error message.

Note that you cannot grade a partially complete notebook.

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I went over the entire notebook and I can’t find a single None value on my code. I think I will restart the entire lab and go over everything again. I did remove a cell and re-added it on the process so perhaps that is the problem? I will try that and let everyone know.

That often causes problems.

Be sure you are using the current version of this assignment - that means both the notebook and any .py utility files.

Instructions for updating the assignment materials are in the “M4ML Resources” → FAQ thread.

Thank you. After updating the version of my notebook and the .py files, I was able to pass the assignment!