/notebooks/C3_W1_Assignment.ipynb no code for grading

IN the document itself there is no code for grading! Only prints as tests. For every ended bloc I have this error while grading:
“There was a problem compiling the code from your notebook. Details:
cannot assign to None (, line 504)”

Note that in the screen shot it shows your notebook as being last checkpointed 32 minutes ago. What that means is that the saved version of the code on “disk” is different than what you are looking at in the notebook. I’m not a mentor for this course, but some of the graders do not do an automatic “Save” for you.

So the first thing to do is “Kernel → Restart and Clear Output” and then “Save” and then submit again and see if that makes a difference.

If you still see that error about compiling and assigning to “None” then my guess is there is some incomplete code in your notebook: use the browser text search to search for “None” and see if you find incomplete code.

I have checked all your notes. Document does not have grading parts in the code. Thank you.

Not sure I understand the point you are making. The graders are an independent set of code that you can’t see. How they exactly work is not really known, but the mental model is they contain different test cases that involve calling the functions you have written in your notebook with perhaps different parameters than the ones shown in the notebook.

If the grader fails, it means something is wrong with your code, even if the tests in the notebook pass. The tests in the notebook are not complete and don’t prove that your code is fully general.

After each part of the document there is a grader part. This grader parts have its import! No import, no grader test cases to check my code. Grader we can see as well in the - Grades tab. There we can find description of each code snippet, how it was graded with a message about the grade. Here is how the grader import looks like in every Coursera course - import w1_unittest. I do not have such import in the LAB document. You can see in the image that there is no import and every grader test do not grade a given function by name. You can see in the image the function name and in that function there in no NONE value at all.

Sorry, you need help from someone who is a mentor for this course.