C3 W1 Quiz Q2 contradicting explanations

Hi fellow learners/mentors,

In the quiz from week 1, question 2, they ask you how you would choose a model based off accuracy, runtime and memory.
In my first try of the quiz, I got the right answer and the course explanation was that as soon as you get the runtime right, you can optimize accuracy from there on.
However, in my second try of the quiz (didn’t pass on my first try), I got different options to choose from, followed the explanation from the first try and then I got it wrong because now the explanation is that you must meet all three criteria.
This seems very contradicting to me, I hope someone can clear this up for me.


Hi, Dylan Gouwentak.

Could you please share a screenshot of this query to learn more about this question.


I cannot get a printscreen of the first try, so here is the second try, even though the question is worded slightly differently

Hi, Dylan.

Actually, the feedback is right. You need to fit all of the three criteria(s) as in runtime, memory size and then the accuracy, to make the model work best.

You have to choose the runtime first (should be within 10 seconds) then look at the memory size (that again should work within 10 MB) and then the accuracy accordingly. If any of them crosses the defined limit or doesn’t perform in the ambit mentioned, will ruin the model’s working proficiency.

I have no clue about the initial set of questions that you had received at the first place in your first try, but as per this set, the feedback is right.

However, I will check this issue with the staff.

Thanks for pointing it out.

Hi @Mubsi, please look at the set of questions for DLS C3 | W1 | Quiz 1 | Question 2, and kindly go through the given feedbacks as per the set of questions. Thanks!

Hi @Rashmi,

Thank you for letting me know. I’ll have it fixed.


Thank you so much @Mubsi!

This has been updated.