C3_W2_Measures of Central Tendency Slide

Someone kindly check if this slide is correct:
Should the Median not be (2+3)/2 = 2.5?

Hello @Debatreyo_Roy,

Median is the number at the 50 percentile place. The idea is you first sort all the numbers from small to large, and if there are 101 numbers in total, the 51th number is the median.

Now your numbers are all 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, and let’s say there are 10001 numbers in total. According to your chart, There are 1681 zeros, 3602 ones, 3087 twos, 1323 threes, 284 fours, and 24 fives, so you sort them in ascending order, and then look for the number who is sitting in the 5001th place. Obviously it is an one because zeros and ones together take more than the first 5001 places.


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Oh wow.
Thank you Mr Raymond for the detailed explanation with example.
I think I understand now.

Since this is a Probability v. Outcome graph we need to 1st know how many data points
are there for each of the outcomes and then sort them.

any way the instructor was just introducing the mean ,median and mode. So the video was confusing. Did he assume we already know

Hello @Hassan_Mohamed6,

I cannot speak for the instructor, but, at any time, feel free to tell us your suggestions / concerns / how you figure out things out yourself, and they are going to help other learners who may share the same with you.

Thanks for posting!