C3_W2_programming assignment(how to save answers for exercises)?

Can anyone tell me how to save answers in “Loaded Dice” programming assignment? please it’s very urgent!

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I have not taken that course yet, but there is a “Save” button in every notebook that I’ve used so far. It’s the little “floppy disk” icon highlighted in the upper left side in the toolbar here:

But note that the grader doesn’t need to see your generated output: it only needs to call your functions. But you do need to save those as well.

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Dear @Rahul_Reddy6,

As @paulinpaloalto mentioned that, you can save using floppy disk icon.

I can suggest you to download the notebook (single) file or lab files(all the files, required to run the notebook) for you future reference.

Let me know if you need anything else.

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The “Save” button for this assignment is not the one that saves your notebook from the toolbar.

This assignment uses a different grading method, where each test result in the notebook is saved in a JSON file, and at the end of the notebook, you click a 'Save" button that submits the JSON file to the grader.

It appears that the C3 W2 notebook cannot be run all the way to the appearance of the “Save” button, because the utils.py file was updated last Friday and is throwing an error because it is missing the function that tests the “exercise 12” code.


Thank You sir, the issue has been solved today and i successfully submitted the assignment!