C3_W4_Assignment - Exercise 3

Hi there,

I’m a bit stuck on this exercise as I don’t understand how I should calculate mu1 - mu2 for the t statistics.

As I understand it, we only have a sample (not the population) of users who visit my website. These users are divided into two groups. So I can calculate xbar1 and xbar2.

But I don’t understand what mu1 and mu2 should be in this context.

Indirectly, the x-bar and s values are computed using the compute_continuous_metrics() function.

And that in turn should implement the methods for the estimation_metrics_cont() class.

It all ties together via these instructions:

It’s a bit complicated, and I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing.

For mu1 and mu2, note this instruction:

Under the null hypothesis, this is 0-0 = 0. (i.e. the null hypothesis assumes there is no significant difference between the populations).