C3W1 assignment: can’t read dataset from google drive

tfds.load() gives the following error:

AssertionError: Dataset caltech_birds2010: could not find data in /content/drive/My Drive/TF3 C3 W1 Data/. Please make sure to call dataset_builder.download_and_prepare(), or pass download=True to tfds.load() before trying to access the tf.data.Dataset object.

The shortcut is there in my google drive and contains a folder caltech_bird2010. In colab file explorer on the left I can go to /content/drive/MyDrive/ and there is a file TF3 C3 W1 Data (I can’t open it since it’s not a directory.)

Anyone else seeing this issue? Am I doing something wrong?

Workaround: if instead of creating a shortcut as instructed I download everything and upload to my own drive (since permissions don’t allow copying directly), colab can read the files just fine.

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