Error in C3W1-Assignment - TFDS.Load

I got the following errors in tfds.load of the Week 1 assignment dataset. I am attaching the screenshots.

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I’m not a mentor for this course, so can’t provide much help specifically.

But could this be one of those situations were folder names that include spaces are not handled correctly? I see you have a file location named “My Drive”.

I’ve had issues with that sort of name structure before. And your error is on a line of code where it’s trying to access “…/My Drive/TF3”.

Thanks for reply.

I create the location correctly, but the same errors appears again. First error is because the dataset is not located in directory. When I set the load to dowload equals True, the error is in checksum.

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Hopefully a mentor for this course will be able to assist you.

I find a solution for this problem.

In Kaggle, this dataset is available in tf.dataset format, I downloaded them and pasted in path folder in Google Drive.

Worked fine.


I have almost the same issue, however it does take the entire folder ‘TF3 C3 W1 Data’ as data_dir. Maybe the Mentors have a better solution in the meantime?

Here is the link to the Kaggle dataset:

To solve the issue:

  • Download Dataset and extract
  • Remove link to folder in My Drive
  • Create new folder in My Drive called ‘TF3_C3_W1_Data’ and move the newly downloaded ‘caltech_birds2010’ folder into it.
  • Change data_dir variable to the ‘TF3_C3_W1_Data’-folder
  • Run the cell with tfds.load() again. It should now work.
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