C3W1 assignment error comes no where

what happened with this? I finished the solution but got 0 credit? if this keep going on, I will withdraw from this classes.

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Which class are you enrolled in? You posted your message in the “General Discussions” forum, it’s not associated with any specific course.

Please move your thread to the correct forum. For this you can use the “pencil” icon next to the thread title.

Note: The grader always tests your code using different test than are built into the notebook. Your code must work for any situation.

Note also that if you rename your notebook, the grader will fail. This is because the grader always uses the default notebook name, regardless of what notebook you have open when you submit it for grading.

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probability, class 3. Do you know how to solve it?

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please help!!!My answer produce the exactly same answer as test, but got 0 credit.

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No, sorry, I not a mentor for that course.

Facing the same issue @Coursera_QA_Team could please check this.

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Hey @Leon_Wang and @Bolu_Vishal,
Welcome, and we are glad that you could become a part of our community :partying_face:

Can you please follow the instructions posted here, so that I can try to help you out.