C3_W1 Assignment Grading Error


I submitted my assignment and received all 0’s for each category, this looks to be an issue with the grading as all the tests within the actual assignment where correct. Can I please get this changed or can someone reach out to me?

PS: this is the error I see for each section


No, it’s not a problem with the grader.

This is a fairly common topic on the forum. It’s always due to something in the student’s notebook.

There is a long list of issues that can cause the grader to throw odd-seeming error messages.

Mostly they have to do with making changes to the notebook that were not in the instructions, or adding cells, or moving cells around, or adding code in an existing cell outside of the “START CODE HERE” area.

Renaming the notebook will cause problems.
Using an obsolete copy of the notebook will cause problems.
Using global variables within your notebook will cause problems.

So, please check if you’ve done any of those things.

Post back and we can proceed from there (tomorrow, because it’s midnight here and I’m off to bed).

I got it fixed. It seemed to be some of the test code I was running. Thanks for the advice.

Thanks for your report.