No grades in C3- Week 1 Programming Assignment

How can I solve this issue?

Hi @M_Abdullah

To ensure that everything is O.K with your assignment, make sure that none of the points mentioned in the post below are causing the error.

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Thanks. But everything is okay and it did not grade any single function or cell. Plz resolve this so that I will get a certificate and complete this course or make me a solution or step so that I will achieve this within due time

Hi @M_Abdullah

As your print screen shows, looks like the “df_all_breeds” have to bein defined.

Make sure that the code related to that variable was run and try to submit you assignment again.


My C3W1 assignment is not being graded. It just always shows 0/140. here is the screenshot. Could you please resolve this issue ASAP.


Do you have any error log to share with us?

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Click on the show grader output, it will show where and what is wrong with your notebook assignment.

According to your image, seems all of your sections have not passed, so you need to go back to your notebook, start fresh with where you are going wrong from the first cell.

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