C3W1_Assignment not running

as you see, the output result of my code is similar to the output shown below the cell, but after running the next cell, it is said that I have defined more values to the shape; meanwhile, I have not!

You already have produced the training_dataset, just use that in the history! No need to define a new variable x…


Thanks for your response, as you see I changed the code and after fitting 1 epoch still get the previous error, I’m confused now!

I am supposing now your training dataset is not right, go back where the function that produced it and check again. The expected dimensions are not right!

Hello Mona,

Can I know why have you recalled parameter twice for the model fit?

The starting 5 lines is not required, remove it (from set the parameters to #5 epochs) and run the cell

Let me know if you were able to run the cell.

Also a humble request, please do not post codes from grader cells as it is against community guidelines, kindly select the edit button and remove the image which has codes from the grader cell section.


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