C3W1 : Service unavailable for Cloud assignment


I have an issue accessing the Quiklabs apps associated with the Classify images of Clouds assignment. I have the following error message after clicking “Launch app” on Coursera:

“Sorry, Classify Images of Clouds in the Cloud with AutoML Images is currently unavailable.”

Does anyone have encountered a similar issue ? If yes, how to fix it ?

Thank you.

Please contact qwiklabs help for problems related to lab access.

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Hey Claire,
I have encountered the same issue.
Can you please tell me how you have fixed it?


Hello Guilong.

Unfortunately, I did not find a solution. I contacted the Qwiklabs assistance through their chat and discussed with one person from there, and they told me that they would look into it but that for now there is nothing we can do but wait. I did not have any updates since then.


Hi both,
The staff have been notified to reply to this topic.

One suggestion while you wait for the staff to respond:
If you’re stuck on this lab and can’t move forward with rest of the course, consider chatting with coursera support to pause the subscription.

Same Issue I am facing

Hi everyone! The lab is now back online. Sorry for the inconvenience!