C3W1 graded lab, failed to enable APi

AutoML UI link leads to the page which informs that API should be enabled, though I had enabled it earlier

But I cannot enable it here

Hi! Are you still facing this issue? I was able to enable the API on my end. I remember having that error way before but that was because I was using a different account. I just switched to the credentials provided and everything went smoothly. Perhaps you can try relaunching the lab from the Coursera classroom and retry enabling it. If you still face that error, I recommend reaching out to the Qwiklabs support channels. The agent might be able to check your account.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for your respond, but now I cannot even start the lab cause my quota has been exceeded

Hi! Sorry your reply didnt appear in my notifications. You can ask for an extension also through the Qwiklabs support channels. You can chat with an agent so you can be granted access again.