C3W1 - Failing to grade AutoML API enabling


I completed Lab 1 but am stuck at grading in the first step - Enabling the AutoML API. All other steps have been graded successfully, but checking the progress in step 1 always gives me the error immediately - “Please enable AutoML API”.

I’ve tried refreshing the google cloud console and the Qwiklabs but no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Same issue here

I’m also having this issue… any hints about how to fix it would be appreciated.

Same here, no matter what browser you use. I tried 5 times already. This assignment is very disappointing and time consuming.

Same error occurs for me

Same here, everything passes but the first check.

Hi @Chunxu_Tang @limowreck11 @Gabriele_Bettgenhaus @evenyoubrutus @rumpik @Mikhail_V

Sorry for the hassle. I just went through the lab again and encountered the same issue on the Enable the AutoML API checkpoint, whereas in the past it worked just fine.
@chris.favila ; could you please check what is going on, as I honestly do not know where the cause of the problem lies?
Other Check my progress items in this lab and other labs seem to work fine.

Thanks and regards,

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Hi Maarten! Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Will report this to our partners at Google now since they have access to the grader. Will update this thread asap!

A ticket is now submitted to Qwiklabs. Hope we get a quick resolution!

@mjsmid @chris.favila Thanks so much for your help!

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I’m also having the same issue. The issue is just for enabling the API, the other parts are working.

I am still having the same issue.
Still not working for me after several attempts over last two days.

Same here, first and third checks didn’t work.

I have the same same issue. The first and last checks(“Enable the AutoML API” and “Run the prediction”) does not work even though I followed all directions in the C3W1 qwiklabs " Classify Images of Clouds in the Cloud with AutoML Vision".

Hello, I aslo have the same problem, thank you so much.

Hi @chris.favila ,

Any reply so far from Qwiklabs?

Thanks Maarten

Hi everyone! I received a reply 5 days ago from Qwiklabs that the ticket has been received with a P1 priority (2nd highest) and they will be working on a fix. I just sent a follow-up now to get a progress update while also emphasizing the urgency to get the grader working properly for our learners. Hopefully, we hear some positive news soon. Will also reach out to other departments that may be able to help us. I am very sorry for the inconvenience!

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do we need to redo the entire exercise again once they fix the issue ?

I am now getting the message “Sorry, your quota has been exceeded for this lab.”
This is the last piece I need to pass to complete my specialization. Requesting help on next steps

In the qwklab of the right top click the help button . The chat channel will get immediate feedback. Good luck.