C3W2_Assignment - Exercise 6.1: wrong type of Checkpoints for the box predictor

  • Week 2
  • C3W2_Assignment - Exercise 6.1: Define Checkpoints for the box predictor
  • I defined the tmp_box_predictor_checkpoint with tf.train.Checkpoint as asked for in the instructions and I don’t receive the expected datatype of this checkpoint
    Expected output is:
    and my output is:

Any idea why?

Can you share the image with your output and expected output without sharing codes.

Also there are similar threads in the discourse community. Use search tool to find similar threads with solution. that will help you guide you further.

Make sure previous cell where you wrote codes for checkpoint are correct, for this codes to be correct.

This is what I recieve

your previous codes output and expected output

DP hi
I just found out on that thread:

tensorflow.python.training.tracking.util has been moved to tensorflow.python.checkpoint.checkpoint. The old module will be deleted in version 2.11

So I’ll to try with what I have, that seems to be ok and see if it works. What do you think?


Ofcourse you could try, but I felt your code issue might be related to some other cell too as that checkpoint.checkpoint path is incorrect. Give it a try, if you still encounter that issue, let me know.

Also for the cell you are having issue, there are similar threads with response which will help you. On the search tool type checkpoint path and the course, week and specialisation name. There is a latest post thread with solution.