C3W2: Checkpoint not trackable

Hi all,

Maybe it is me but I’ve been stuck on this for a few days now.
The compiler tells me the checkpoint I created is not trackable, but as far as I know, I refer to the right path with Colab. Please see the screenshot attached:

Can anybody help me?

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Did you try the method from the first Example shown here?


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Hello @Dylan_Gouwentak

because your define check point is not targeted towards the recalled statement, you are getting this error. The below statement is from the instructions mentioned in the assignment where it states

  • Set the value to your temporary model checkpoint that you just defined.

So you mentioned model=checkpoint_path is creating this error

If you had go to your just one previous excise before the shared image of restore checkpoint, you must have recalled exercise for Define the temporary model checkpoint, you need to apply same model for the restore checkpoint for model.

Let me know if this resolve your issue.



Hi DP,

This indeed resolved the issue. Thank you!