C3W4_Assignment exercise 3

I pass the unittest for exercise 3 but got a different t-value number (mine is 0.67, expected 1.42). I went through the formula and my coding again several time, but couldn’t find where the mistakes are.

I found the mistake. My t-value was 0.67 because the grader wrote the order of the parameters of the t_value as (n_v, s_v, x_v, n_c, s_c, x_c), while the function was defined as t_value(n_v, x_v, s_v, n_c, x_c, s_c). However, when I checked the answer with the same parameter order as the function I got 1.64 (still different from the expected output of 1.42)

Can you DM your codes of exercise 3. Please do not post codes here as it is against community guidelines. Click on my name and then message.

Please kindly find the attachment of my code.

Thank you and regards.


Sent the previous mail without the attachment.


You are posting codes here on the post thread. You need to send codes via personal DM. Click on my name and then message

I agree, these seem inconsistent.

Note that the lower image is of the notebook unit test, that’s different than the “grader”. That had me slightly confused.

I’ll submit a support ticket.

Hello @rubina

Based on the code screen you shared seems like you are doing an older version of the notebook. Make sure you get an updated copy of the assignment and then do the assignment.

Use Topic 1a in the link