C4 W1 A1 I can't clear the second testcase for pool forward

I have cleared the first test case but can’t clear the second testcase. Need help.

Please post a screen capture image showing any error messages. That will let us know what sort of help is needed.

Have you read through all the posts on the other thread where you posted this question?

If that doesn’t help, then as Tmosh says, please show us your output values and any errors you are seeing.

I did some changes now it shows the same output as required for case-2. But it doesn’t show all test cases passed for case-2 and grader output is 75/100.

Yes, those values are correct. Note that it is normal in the stride = 2 case that it does not say “All tests pass”. It just doesn’t really check.

Well, note that the grader doesn’t tell you which function it doesn’t like. The test cases in the notebook for the conv_forward case are broken in that they don’t catch the same error of not including the stride and they don’t show you any “expected values” to compare against. One thing to check is to make sure your code in conv_forward also handles the stride.