Course 4, week 1, Convolution model step by step

good evening everyone,

i have finished all the required exercises in my assignment and when i tried running the code it displayed “all tests are passed” but i was graded 50/100 and i have not passed the assignment so any help?

Yes, this is a common problem. There are two levels of issues: the grader’s output is not helpful and the unit tests in the notebook do not “throw” if you forget to include the stride in conv_forward and pool_forward. That would be the first thing to check.

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One way to check if this is the problem is to carefully examine your outputs in the pool_forward test case with stride = 2. All the values need to match the “expected values”, not just the first rows. But the test is not clever enough to “throw” if all the values don’t match.

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thank you sir.
i’ll look it up and hopefully i’d fix the problem.