Cannot passs week1 Programming Assignment even all tests passed

for week1 Programming Assignment: Convolutional Model, Step by Step
I run it in notebook, all tests passed for exercises 1-4, but got 25/100 points?
anything wrong? or I also need to complete the optional exercises5?

also saw error:
Tests failed on 3 cell(s)! These tests could be hidden. Please check your submission.

How do I know which test failed and why?


The tests for conv_forward and pool_forward are broken in that they don’t catch the bug of omitting the stride in your calculations. So that’s one thing to check. Are you also sure that you didn’t reference any global variables in your “pad” function? It sounds like you failed 3 out of the 4. The other thing to check is to make sure that you didn’t coerce the output of conv_single_step to float32. That passes the tests in the notebook, but fails the grader.

Bugs have been filed about all these limitations of the unit tests, but no fixes are available yet.

Note that in the pool_forward case, there is a stride = 2 test case and if your mistake has to do with the stride, some (but not all) of your outputs will be wrong. But no error actually gets thrown in that case, so you just have to look carefully.