C4_W3 yolo assignment submit error

I did all I can do such as kernel restart, rename, browser restart, new workspace, server restart.
but still got an submission error. What should I do?

과제가 제출되지 않았습니다 (translated as Assignment isn’t submitted)

YOLO로 차량 감지에 필요한 모든 파일을 찾을 수 없습니다.
(translated as can’t find all of the files for car detection by YOLO)

누락된 파일 (translated as file that couldn’t find)

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실수로 파일을 삭제한 경우 실험실 도움말 에서 실험실의 최신 버전을 가져와서 복구할 수 있습니다. (translated as if one or more files are deleted by accidentally, You can recover from the lastest version of lab in lab’s help pages)

파일 이름이 다른 경우, 위의 파일 이름과 일치하도록 이름을 바꾸고 다시 제출하세요.
(translated as if filename difference, change the name as same above and re-submit)

Hey @way2joy,
Welcome to the community. Have you tried doing this? This usually helps a lot of learners facing this issue. I hope this helps.


Still occurred submission error.
I have practiced the assignment, so It’s not that much to me.
but there is any way, I would like to submit my answer and be graded.
Best Regards.

Hey @way2joy,
Can you please download your notebook and DM it to me?