W3_Assignment submission issue

i foud issue in submitting assingmet of week 3 , i have tried more then 5 time but still facing same issue, can you fill it yourself . i have tried above gauidline but did not get it

Hi @azhar_abbasi,

You didn’t tell us what exactly the issue was. Please share a screenshot that indicated that there was an issue, such as the error message. However, if you are experiencing a problem like this learner has reported, please refer to my response there for possible follow-up.


when i completed assingmnet and submit it alerts that it is submitting check assignment page , but when i go to that page it is not submitted, and second issue is that it is not saving my previous work every time when i open i need to write all code from beginning.

Hi @azhar_abbasi! Did you try this?

I am trying to do but now I got another issue 404

ok i have resolved it , now let me submit it

Then check this post. Once you get your assignment but can’t save it, refer to Raymond’s workaround.


That’s great! Keep us updated.

how to submit lats lab Deep Neural Network - Application ? , there is no option of submission

Hello @azhar_abbasi!

Check this if there is no “Submit Assignment” button in your notebook.