C4 W3: yolo-car detection

I’m having trouble in section 2.3 Non Max suppression,
After solving the the section, its just doesn’t pass the unit test,
I’ve debugged the code several times but still no luck,
I have no clue where I am making a mistake.

If anyone could help, I would really appreciate that.

Hello Sahnen,

Kindly remove any image related to the grader cell which includes codes for grading your assignment.

You can only post images related to your error log.

There are two errors in your codes

  • yi2 = minimum of the y2 coordinates of the two boxes(For this I suppose you have done a typo error)

  • inter_area = You can use max(height, 0) and max(width, 0) (This codes needs correction according to this hint.

Kindly refer these hints and do the corrections.

Also remove the code image from your post. Mentors would ask you for codes if they want to look into your codes.


thanks for the help @Deepti_Prasad,
got it working.

Happy to help!!

Kindly close the thread by choosing the solution if your issue has been addressed.
Otherwise, you can ask further!