Doubt in YOLO assignment

i am getting this error in car detection using YOLO assignment,please help me

my code

{moderator edit - solution code removed}

Your calculation of box_class_scores is incorrect: you are doing the reduce_max on the classes which are integer values, right? Those are not the scores.

Also please note that you filed this in General Discussion with a completely generic title. You’re a lot more likely to get the attention of the right people if you chose an appropriate category. I took the liberty of moving this to DLS C4 and editing the title for you.

Also note that we’re not supposed to post our source code in the public forums. If we can’t help you from the error trace, one of the mentors will DM you to see your code. But please don’t start by publishing your code.

i am really sorry for all the miastakes that i did,i did as i was a newcomer,i will try not to repeat them

No harm done! Sorry if my response sounded too harsh. Welcome to the course!