Convolutional Neural Networks >Week 3 >Car detection with YOLO> yolo_eval

I am not able to proceed further,
here’s my code:

{moderator edit - solution code removed}

InvalidArgumentError: Incompatible shapes: [19,19,5,4] vs. [19,19,5,80] [Op:Mul]

Please help

Can anybody please help me here

You should post in the correct forum and hopefully you will get help. :slight_smile: #deep-learning-specialization:dls-course-4

double check how you should call this method.

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Good point! Please note that you have to be careful if you are just porting over your solutions from an earlier version of the course. In this assignment, they changed the definition of some of the APIs. Just “copy/pasting” without some careful reading will cause you to step on a couple of landmines, e.g. this one. :scream_cat:


I never recommend copy/pasting when learning a new subject. The finger memory you get from typing something new and difficult again is very valuable :blush: