C4W3 - A1 YOLO Grading Error

Hello everyone,

after reviewing and correcting few of the learner’s notebook and still encountering the submission grader error. I eventually have got 2-3 more learner’s having similar issue for both the assignments related to week 3 of course 4 of DLS specialisation. So I have notified the learner technologist @Mubsi about the same via personal DM. He will look into the issue once from his side.

Until then kindly have patience for him to check what is going wrong.

Learner who want to try and for whom I have done code correction, please do the steps below and try once submitting assignment.

  • Restart Kernel and clear all output
  • run all necessary codes from beginning to last graded function and its test function
  • submit

Try this as last option, if still stuck, then wait for Mubsi to have a look and address the issue.