Problem with grading on Car detection with YOLO

Hi guys,

I pass of the test in the notebook but i still get a grading failed error.
I tried redoing on a new notebook but it is still not working.
Need so help, any advise?

I have the same problem.

Hey @jchawk and @y.ming , can you guys individually DM your notebook ? Here’s how you can download them: How to Download Your Notebook(s)

@y.ming, had the same problem yesterday. Solved for me today. It seems the grader is timing out while grading the assignment, try submitting again sometime later :slightly_smiling_face:.


Hey @y.ming , I believe @RTIGADOLI is right. Try submitting it now. I ran your notebook and it gave me 100/100 on the autograder.

Hey @jchawk kindly do the same and let me know.

Thanks guys, it works now 100/100.

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