Completed the assignment but not able to Pass the grader

I am done with my assignment. But the thing i did wrong was that i experimented with the code after i passed all the assertions but i forgot to submit it. I used some commands in the notebook such as ls which i removed when grader showed me the error. But still after undoing all the changes that i made. The grader still shows the same error for the code that i removed from my notebook.
What should i do?

Did you change the name of the notebook file? You can’t grade a notebook that doesn’t have the expected name.

When you edited the notebook, did you save your changes?

No sir I dont think so

I acutally added a line of code “!ls”.
It is also showing me that, that line is causing the problem. But I actually removed it.
Now i am trying to reset the notebook. But i dont know how to do that.

Hi @hardikdhuri,

Firstly, be sure you are saving your changes before submitting the assignment.

Secondly, the instructions on how to refresh you notebook can be found in the first week, before the first assignment.


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Yes sir I did it. And my code got submitted. Thank you for you help.

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