C4W3 assignment - training model take a very long time and then disconnected due to gpu limit

So i train the model for 5 hours and it’s just for 20 epoch from total 100 epoch, and the losses is -+ 400. After that due to gpu limit, the colab was disconnected and the train was stopped, so is there any solution for my problem beside to get premium colab? or how to speed up the training. Thank’s

Hello @Albani_Syahril
You can refer to You cannot currently connect to a GPU due to usage limits in Colab to get answer for your question.

I still get disconnected when train the model, and the epoch isn’t reach 20 for sure, i don’t know what happen, any suggested solution? FYI, i try to train the model once per day, if this day failed, then i will try tommorow, and i’ve been do this for several day and it takes hours.
This day, i just reach 18 epoch and then disconnected