C4W3 U-Net Assignment - Kernel always dies on training

When I try to train my model the kernel always dies on the first epoch. I tried to restart it, testart and cleaned outputs, etc.
I restarted the lab completly (and no other lab is running) but still get stuck on the first epoch, the kernel dies.

Any suggestions what else I can try?

Many users informed us that running this assignment at different times ran successfully. So, please try running your notebook at different times.

Meanwhile, you can submit your assignment if you completed all the exercises. Grader do not need to see the output of the cells.


Okay will try tonight again (when whole Amerika is awake .-)

And if this doesn’t work, then try when America is sleeping…

Now the training worked but got an error submitting it. Had the same with the first assignment, so I will just keep on trying. Good I got holidays :wink: