C4W4 Art Generation - need help at 5.5.1 - Compute Content Cost

Hi! I am stack to 5.5.1 - Compute Content Cost. In the code there are no ‘YOUR CODE STARTS/ENDS HERE’ lines. But I guess I should complete the code anyway.
I need help in how to retrieve the given layer into a_C.
I could only imagine two options, both problematic:

  1. vgg_model_outputs(preprocessed_content) - This perhaps puts ALL (STYLE_LAYERS + content_layer) outputs into a_C. Perhaps fine for Style Cost, but for the Content Cost I only need one layer?!
  2. I experimented with vgg_model_outputs(preprocessed_content).get_layer(“block5_conv4”).output - but then I get an errors message (‘list’ object has no attribute ‘get_layer’)

A similar problem applies to how to get a_G. Furthermore, I could not figure out how to define a_G that would be working with both the ContentCost (one layer needed) and StyleCost (many layers needed)?

smth like compute_content_cost(a_C[“block5_conv4”], a_G[“block5_conv4”]) does not work either.
Could you pls help a bit here? Thank you!

Hey, 5.5.1 is not to be edited or have any code added to it, it has already been completed for you. You will need to add the code in Exercise 6 further down.

Thank you, works fine!