Week 4 - Programming Assignment 2 - Compute content cost

Hi everybody,
What is the reason for using the last elements of content and generated outputs in the compute_content_cost function?

a_C = content_output[-1]
a_G = generated_output[-1]

Thanks a lot in advance!

As you see, we use vgg19 with removing Dense layers. Then, recreate our model with specifying multiple outputs like this.

So, the output from our model has 6 outputs in a list. First 5 are from style layers, and the last one is from a content layer. For “compute_content_cost”, we only need to care the last output in a list.
Then if you look at “compute_style_cost”, you see that it is working on 5 style layers.

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Dear @anon57530071,
Is it possible to put this information to the assignment since it was not taught in the classes and it was very confusing in the assignment not knowing how exactly the algorithm was working?