C5 W2 & W3: Sorry we are down for maintenance

I have been trying to finish weeks 2 and 3 for C5 Sequence models course. However, for 2 weeks now, I keep getting “Sorry we are down for maintenance…”

I am unable to continue with the course at this point. Anyone else experiencing this?

No, this is the first report I have seen of this.
I just tested the “Emojify” notebook, and it ran fine.
I recommend you contact the Coursera Help Center.

Thanks @TMosh

The strange is, some lecture videos do load without any issues but most of them don’t. But I will contact Coursera Help Center. Thanks again

Just in case anyone else is experiencing this: I was having the same issues described here for several days and solved it by clearing all browser history and then logging-in again.

Yep, that is one of the ways to solve this issue. Thanks, Pablo, for sharing with us.