C5 W3 A3 Trigger Word Detection

when I run the trigger word detection locally on my PC, I couldn’t pass the exercise 4 (before that everything works fine):
GRADED FUNCTION: create_training_example
After running I have an error:
“AssertionError: Spectrogram is wrong. Check the parameters passed to the insert_audio_clip function”.
But on the coursera platform everything works fine. Could you please help me with that?
The image of the spectrogram is shown below:

Thank you in advance.

Try these thread for some tips on this error:

Thank you for your reply, but unfortinately it didn’t help.

Hey there,

I just had the same issue. Check whether, in Exercise 2 - insert_audio_clip, you actually append the new segment_time - the unit tests don’t cover this. =)

It is a very tiny section thereby making it easily overlooked.



Thank you for your reply, but unfortinaley it didn’t help.
I had laready have this line with append at exercise 2: