W3 : Trigger Word Detection

I cannot figure out the error : AssertionError: Spectrogram is wrong. Check the parameters passed to the insert_audio_clip function

{Moderator Edit: Solution Code Remoced}

Please help. Thanks in advance!

Parameters passed to the insert_audio_clip seems correct to me. Now check these parameters themselves are correct or not. If they are correct, check the implementation of the insert_audio_clip function in the previous exercise (Ex. 2) is correct or not.

PS: Posting your code is not allowed. So, I am deleting it.

Sorry for that. All the test cases passed in Ex.2, so I am unsure about the error. Could you please check my notebook?

Sorry, I cannot review your code as I am away from my computer. But, other mentors will respond you soon.

Hi @hephzibah_2918 ,

I have sent you a direct message, please check.

I figured out the error. Turns out that in insert_audio_clip(), step 3 was wrong. I fixed it. Thanks a lot!

Glad to know that you figured it out on your own.