C5W2A2 Why do we say Emojifier-V1 predicts "not feeling happy" wrong

This may be a stupid question.

After UNQ_C2, I’m passing all tests so far. And I think the Emojifier-V1 model is actually getting the “not feeling happy” sentence correct. If it’s not correct, as the text says, what’s the correct emoji for this sentence?

Y_my_labels is the true labels for X_my_sentences.
The label id that corresponds to not feeling happy is 3. This corresponds to :disappointed: (look at the top of the notebook for emoji to label mappings in section 1.1)

Hi mentor, thanks for the reply. The predict function is returning


for the input:

["i cherish you", "i love you", "funny lol", "lets play with a ball", "food is ready", "not feeling happy"]

And I am seeing the :disappointed: face for "not feeling happy". So I’m confused about why it says "the model doesn't get the following sentence correct".

You are correct. This is a bug in the markdown. The staff have been notified about this.
Thanks for bringing this up. Sorry I misunderstood your question.

Hi @Jiaquan_He & @balaji.ambresh,

I’m not sure what changed, but the markdown was written based on the results. “I cherish you” would return a heart emoji and “not feeling happy” would return the happy emoji.

I ran the assignment myself and got the same results as you. I’ll investigate this and if need be, change the markdown. Thanks for informing me about this.